Boyan Filipov

Software Architect

Work experience in 2+ words

Born in 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria, I started off with professional development in 1995. Going through some years of Java and C++, i moved into Web tech with PHP.Moving to Vienna in 2003 with a work contract I started working with Perl, doing some side projects in all kinds of tech, including VB and Jsp, while eventually shifting more focus towards front-end, JS, Jquery and subsequently on to Typescript on frameworks like React and Backbone.My skills are mixed, being very effective on backend, thoroughly enjoying front-end, while at the same time the projects i worked on, led me to get used to thinking strong on the business and planning side.Self sustained, working under constant pressure with high demand, handling and/or working with dev teams of all variations, remote or on premises, legacy code survivalist but clean code fanatic - that's what best defines my mixed skill set.


I am based out of Vienna, Austria - if you want to get in touch - drop me an email or give me a call directly.

1220 Vienna, Austria+43 699 12650031
[email protected]